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The needs of the BUMI charity are great. We are relying on your support to perpetuate our actions in favor of the children and disadvantaged populations of the Democtratic Republic of Congo.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us: Contact us


Sponsoring children from the BUMI charity is a unique opportunity to offer your support to activities aimed at the protection and education of children in need of the DRC.

Collective sponsorship:

Collective sponsorship is aimed at people willing to financially support all the projects undertaken by BUMI charity on a regular basis.

Individual sponsorship:

This type of sponsorship is for people who want to support a child in particular and create a special bond with this child.

It is at present not possible to make an on-line sponsorship. If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact us so we can inform you on the procedure to follow.


Bumi and its partners regularly organise fund raising and awareness raising activities and (African meals, arts and crafts sales, secondhand trade, conferences-debates, etc.) So do not hesitate to help us out. You will find on this site all the information concerning the next activities organised in Europe and in the DRC. Please contact our volunteering teams.

You want to talk about BUMI around you? You have an idea, contacts or a project? Tell us about it. Everyone’s help is welcome.

BUMI also welcomes young volunteers wanting to work with children and to acquire an experience amidst a social organism : playful and learning activities, special courses for backward pupils, mediation and reinsertion into families, agriculture project, etc : (international cooperation).


BUMI is looking for temporary or permanent partners for the realisation of development projects. The latter would enable a semi-autonomous coverage of programs as well as favouring community participation.

This is why we put a lot of importance into agro-pastoral activities: breeding of… Projects of this type can easily integrate people from neighbouring cities and villages and contribute to the professional training of our youth.

We are also looking for partners in order to improve the children’s daily lives and stabilise our social action on the long term: nutrition, medical treatment, salaries, education and training.

For prospective partners who would like to accompany us, we can give them the plan of the priority projects as well as their detailed budgets.


We regularly need material to train our youth and to put our actions in place:

  • Tools and agro-pastoral material: intrants, motorpumps, hoes, watering cans, harrows, tractor,…

  • Data processing and schooling supplies: computers, benches, notebooks, pens, sewing machines, fabric,…

  • Generating plant

You can offer your support by giving or participating financialy for this material.