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Help us to develop our programmes and bring our projects to life by making a donation. Solidarity is the basis of our humanity. Together, let us offer a better future to the children of the DRC. By making a donation, you participate in making this world more just and you help BUMI to carry out its humanitarian mission.

Bank details

To support BUMI and the children of the DRC, you will find our bank details to make a donation on this link.

Every donation counts!

50 € = 3 meals a day for a child and for one month
80 € = 1 full school kit  for a child
100 € = 1 mattress and bedding
200 € = 1 month of school for 30 children

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Tax Deduction

It is possible to benefit from a tax deduction depending on the amount of your donation..

Belgium 🇧🇪: Persons domiciled in Belgium will benefit from a tax deduction of 45% of the amount, for any donation exceeding 40€ per year.

France 🇫🇷: People domiciled in France can make a donation via our partner SOS Enfants. Your donation entitles you to a tax deduction corresponding to 75% of its amount, up to a limit of €1,000, and 66% for the portion exceeding this amount.

If you are subject to the IFI (former ISF), you can also make a donation via the Fondation pour l'Enfance (of our partner SOS enfants). This will entitle you to a tax reduction of 75% of the donation made and will allow you to reduce or even eliminate the IFI. Please specify in the communication that it is a donation for BUMI.

Other people automatically receive a donation certificate for use in their country.

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