Kamalondo reception center

The reception center

A first welcome.

In the heart of Lubumbashi, the BUMI house in Kamalondo welcomes throughout the year children in street situations, orphans, abandoned or in distress. The first concern is to feed and care for the new arrival, but also to immediately start the investigation procedure to establish if the child is indeed isolated or still has family. Children who cannot be reintegrated are referred to our Children's Village in Karavia while the others are reunited with their families. In this case, BUMI ensures the most serene reintegration possible, through mediation and post-reintegration support.

The transit center

A place of transitory life.

The survey sometimes takes several months, during which time the children are housed in the Kamalondo shelter, which currently has 35 places. A dormitory, a dining hall, sanitary facilities and a playground are the transitional living quarters for these children, who are cared for by educators.

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