Change damaged equipment

Our first houses were built twenty years ago and over time, the material has deteriorated and some equipment is still missing. We are launching until December 31, 2022, a call to help us equip these houses, and start the year in style.

Improve comfort and safety

Thanks to your generosity, the €7,000 collected will replace used equipment and improve the comfort and safety of children. The funds raised will allow the purchase of beds, furniture for dining rooms, shelves or cupboards but also a little decoration for the living spaces: armchairs to sit, rest, chat, read or laugh together.

Protecting the vulnerable

We appeal to YOU and those around you so that Chadrack, Benoit, Agathe, Esther, Priscille, Raphaël their 200 other BUMI comrades can continue to live in dignity and grow up carefree.

Contribute to the campaign

Help us equipt our family houses.  
Make a donation today!

Each participation is open pricing, but here is an indication of what you donation could be used for.

15€ = 1 wooden chair
20€ = 1 decoration
30€ = 1 shelf
50€ = 1 armchair
100€ = 1 mattress and bed sheets
300€ = 1 wardrobe
500€ = 1 bed