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Our training and agro-pastoral production programme, "BUMI Ressources", allows for organic market gardening and the breeding of animals for self-consumption and sale. The income from this activity is reinvested in our projects to ensure their sustainability.

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The Karavia site

Vegetable growing activities.

BUMI has undertaken market gardening activities on the Karavia site, adjacent to the Children's Village. We have planted fruit trees and grow about ten varieties of vegetables.
A small farm allows the breeding of poultry, pigs, sheep and tilapias through the installation of ponds. In the long term, BUMI hopes to set up an organic Sunday market in order to generate additional income. In the meantime, we make deliveries to individuals, companies and restaurants who trust us for the quality and freshness of our products.

The Kakila Site

Training in agriculture.

60km from Lubumbashi, our agro-pastoral site allows us to welcome young people who have dropped out of school. About ten teenagers, aged between 14 and 17, receive informal training in agriculture and cattle breeding which will later enable them to find a job in this sector or to maintain their own plot of land, for food or profit-making purposes. An agronomist and an educator supervise the project.

To date, 400 hectares of the land are devoted to the breeding of around 50 cattle. And the 20 hectares of sown land are used for agriculture: mainly maize, soya and manioc. In the long term, BUMI hopes to further develop this farming activity in order to feed all of its children and thus ensure the self-sufficiency of our NGO in DRC.

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