Community health

A first reception centre.

Our Community Health Centre provides access to basic health care for our children, children attending our schools and disadvantaged populations living near the Children's Village. Its objectives are to

  • Management of health problems related to mothers and children: maternal and infant mortality, childbirth complications, malnutrition, unsafe abortions, anaemia, etc.

  • The prevention of maternal and child diseases through awareness-raising activities and vaccination and screening campaigns.

  • To enable the population to be able to consult a doctor and fight against self-medication, which leads to poor management of dangerous pathologies such as malaria, parasitosis, and many water and respiratory diseases.

  • The care of children residing in Bumi, in particular children suffering from pathologies that require daily monitoring and treatment such as epilepsy, sickle cell disease and HIV.

  • Free distribution of drinking water and hygiene awareness.

Our medical team is made up of 2 part-time nurses and 2 part-time doctors as well as an assistant in charge of controlling the hygiene and nutrition of the resident children. At the moment, care is provided in the 10-bed building which will later be used for the paediatric unit; 7 other premises are under construction to house a pharmacy, a hospitalisation room, a consulting room, an infirmary, a laboratory and a storage room.

BUMI is currently looking for partners to complete and equip the health centre, which will allow the reception of some 18,000 inhabitants of our health zone. If you would like to know more about this project, please contact us.
At the Kamalondo reception centre, the medical care of our children is ensured thanks to a partnership with the B.A.C. (Mutuelle Lisungi) which provides basic health care in a nearby hospital.